Empowering everyone to innovate via education and capacity building, is crucial in the concept of Lie.eu. Doing so will create a connected and digital society ready for the future.

Lead by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) this working group will focus on solutions for the needed skills and methods to leverage this. 

To obtain this goals, the mission of this working group is supporting 7 commitments:

  • develop administrative capacities to make the best of digitalisation and to avoid technology or vendor lock-in;
  • develop citizen-centric design approaches as a new competence for policy-making;
  • identify new skills needed by public authorities and businesses, and take action to ensure that people acquire these skills;
  • provide the public with the digital education and skills they need to benefit from smart city solutions and to participate in decision making;
  • develop a culture of having a co-creative, participative and cross-sector approach to designing and implementing smart and sustainable local solutions;
  • facilitate and coordinate activities including knowledge sharing, communication, dissemination and consultancy provision, to scale up successful digital solutions;
  • take advantage of opportunities that can accelerate deployment, such as Digital Innovation Hubs

Published Commitments

No commitments available.