Education & Capacity Building

Empowering everyone to innovate via education and capacity building, is crucial in the concept of Doing so will create a connected and digital society ready for the future.

Lead by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) this working group will focus on solutions for the needed skills and methods to leverage this. 

To obtain this goals, the mission of this working group is supporting 7 commitments:

  • Support the development of administrative capacities to make the best of digitalization to avoid technology or vendor lock-in;
  • Support the processes of identification of new skills needed by public authorities for upskilling the workforce accordingly; 
  • Promote citizen-centric design approaches as a new competence for public sector intermediaries and policy makers;
  • Provide citizens with the access to platforms that foster the needed digital education and skills to benefit from smart city solutions and to participate in decision making;
  • Facilitate and coordinate activities including knowledge sharing, communication, dissemination and consultancy provision, to upscale successful digital solutions, ensuring a participative, cross-domain approach to design and implement smart and sustainable local solutions;
  • Leverage opportunities and exchanges with projects that can accelerate deployment, such as Digital Innovation Hubs.


Education & Capacity Building - Work Plan Priorities 2023

  • Increase skills of public administrations on user involvement in Digital Twins Design  

  • Support public administrations to identifying funding resources and increase levels of implementation  

  • Assess & Review the inventory of tools of Go Li.EU 

Published Commitments

No commitments available.