Europe’s successful digital transformation depends on many aspects. It needs innovative structures and processes, and the development and implementation of new tools. The digital transformation cannot happen without training people with new adapted skills. It will also benefit from continuous measuring and monitoring to collect feedback and feed improvement processes. 

The financial subgroup is committed to combining signatories’ forces to foster the green and digital transformation of Europe. The group will work on joint investment plans to implement common existing digital solutions, will help signatories combine funds from different levels of governance, and will promote partnerships for funding opportunities; it will facilitate EU funds’ investments in local digital transformations and will develop common procurement practices to reduce the cost of investing in successful digital platforms. 

NB. The pandemic has increased the emphasis on green and digital transformation. The Recovery and Resilience Facility as part of the 2021 – 2027 Multi-annual Financial Framework provides financial opportunities for cities around Europe to deal with the heavy impact of COVID while also facilitating accelerated digital transformation. The financial subgroup is committed to supporting cities in their dialogues with member states to secure funding for a green digital transformation in cities through the national recovery plans


Financial subgroup – Work Plan priorities 2023 

  • Discover Multi Country Projects (MCPs) and Europe Digital Infrastructure Consortiums (EDICs) 

  • Validate clauses for AI procurement  

  • Discuss concrete funding opportunities and their relevance for cities and smart communities  

  • Collect cities and communities (financial) needs to support their digital transformation  


Published Commitments

No commitments available.