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127 representatives of a public administration at local, regional, national or European level, have signed the Declaration. See also our interactive map at ec.europa.eu.

Position Public Administration Level Country Sort descending
Vice President Kraków Municipality Local  Poland
Mayor's Proxy for Smart City City of Poznan Local  Poland
Mayor City Council of Lisbon Local  Portugal
Mayor City of Braga Local  Portugal
Mayor Municipality of Fundão Local  Portugal
Mayor City of Porto Local  Portugal
Mayor Município de Guimarães Local  Portugal
President Alentejo Region Regional  Portugal
Mayor Municipality of Cascais Local  Portugal
Mayor Aveiro Local  Portugal
Mayor Roman Municipality Local  Romania
Mayor Municipality of Timisoara Local  Romania
Mayor Focsani Municipality Local  Romania
President Bacau County Romania Regional  Romania
Mayor Iasi Municipality Local  Romania
Mayor Cluj-Napoca Local  Romania
Mayor Arad Municipality Local  Romania
Mayor Municipiul Câmpulung Moldovenesc Local  Romania
Mayor City of Kranj Local  Slovenia
Deputy Mayor City of Ljubljana Local  Slovenia
Mayor Municipality of Logatec Local  Slovenia
Mayor Municipality of Šmartno pri Litiji Local  Slovenia
Mayor Municipality of Idrija Local  Slovenia
Mayor Municipality of Novo Mesto Local  Slovenia
Minister Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia National  Slovenia

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