We signed

121 representatives of a public administration at local, regional, national or European level, have signed the Declaration. See also our interactive map at ec.europa.eu.

Position Public Administration Level Country Sort descending
Mayor Thessaloniki Local  Greece
Mayor Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni Local  Greece
Mayor City of Athens Local  Greece
Deputy Mayor Municipality of Katerini Local  Greece
Deputy-Mayor Budapest Local  Hungary
Mayor Szombathely Local  Hungary
Debuty Mayor Municipality of Debrecen Local  Hungary
Mayor Dublin Local  Ireland
Mayor Comune di Firenze Local  Italy
Mayor City of Arezzo Local  Italy
Mayor Comune di Bergamo Local  Italy
Mayor Municipality of Bologna Local  Italy
Mayor Municipality of Novara Local  Italy
Mayor Municipality of Padova Local  Italy
Mayor Riga Local  Latvia
Other Gemeente Amersfoort Local  Netherlands
Mayor Gemeente Enschede Local  Netherlands
Mayor Eindhoven Local  Netherlands
Alderman City of Utrecht Local  Netherlands
Mayor City of Amsterdam Local  Netherlands
Mayor Rotterdam Local  Netherlands
Mayor Lublin City Office Local  Poland
Vice President Kraków Municipality Local  Poland
Mayor's Proxy for Smart City City of Poznan Local  Poland
Mayor City Council of Lisbon Local  Portugal

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