Smart Communities Network

The Smart Communities Network is a EU wide community of organisations representing cities and municipalities, which can support local communities in their early stages of digital transformation.

The purpose of the Smart Communities Network is to facilitate collaboration among organisations, associations, and initiatives throughout the EU, with a shared goal of enhancing digital capabilities within local public authorities.

What is the Smart Communities Network?

The Smart Communities Network is a network of networks, endorsed by the European Commission, with the primary goal of involving all EU local communities, regardless of size, in the European green and digital transformation.

It specifically targets cities and local communities in the early stages of their digital transformation journey, aiming to enhance their connectivity and operational efficiency related to urban management, in an increasingly digital world.

The network's activities are scheduled to take place until September 2025. Afterwards, the network will be integrated into the European Digital Infrastructure Consortium on Connected Local Digital Twins towards a CitiVERSE (LDT CitiVERSE EDIC) to ensure a lasting cross-country cooperation in the EU, which will continue after the development of the initial phase through the EDIC.

Become a member of the Smart Communities Network!

As a member of the Smart Communities Network, your organisation will benefit in several ways:

  1. Connect: Engage with a diverse European network of organisations to exchange best practices and insights on digital transformation for local public authorities.
  2. Boost: Play a crucial role in driving sustainable local digital development within your country or region.
  3. Explore: Gain early access to digital tools, funding opportunities, and valuable insights into EU digital policies.
  4. Innovate: Collaborate on the co-creation of new digital tools or enhancements to existing ones, directly impacting local communities.
  5. Advocate: Support Europe's digital and green ambitions while directly engaging with the European Commission.

We are specifically seeking organisations that represent cities and municipalities, which can support local communities in their early stages of digital transformation. Your involvement will help us better understand the digital realities faced at local level, enabling us to tailor support accordingly.

Become a member of the Smart Communities Network
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Know our members

The Smart Communities Network is comprised by several organisations representing different EU Member States, dedicated to advancing digital transformation in local communities.

Among our current members are national and regional associations representing cities and municipalities, along with initiatives focused on enhancing digital capabilities at the grassroots level.

These members contribute expertise, insights, and collaboration to our network, strengthening our collective efforts towards sustainable digital development.

If you want to know more, please contact Virginie Verstraete ( and Inge Willemsen ( from OASC, Open & Agile Smart Cities & Communities.