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127 representatives of a public administration at local, regional, national or European level, have signed the Declaration. See also our interactive map at ec.europa.eu.

Position Public Administration Level Country Sort descending
Mayor City of Antwerpen Local  Belgium
Deputy Mayor Municipality of Bruxelles Ville Local  Belgium
Mayor Leuven Local  Belgium
Deputy Mayor Commune de Grez-Doiceau Local  Belgium
Mayor City of Ghent Local  Belgium
Mayor Burgas Local  Bulgaria
Mayor Municipality of Stara Zagora Local  Bulgaria
Mayor City of Rijeka Local  Croatia
Mayor Nicosia Municipality Local  Cyprus
Mayor Pilsen Local  Czech Republic
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Regional Development Ministry for Regional Development National  Czech Republic
Mayor Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune Local  Denmark
Mayor City of Aarhus Local  Denmark
Mayor Odder Kommune Local  Denmark
Mayor Randers Kommune Local  Denmark
Mayor Viborg Kommune Local  Denmark
Minister Ministry of Finance National  Estonia
Mayor City of Helsinki Local  Finland
Mayor City of Oulu Local  Finland
Deputy Mayor City of Jyväskylä Local  Finland
Mayor City of Pori Local  Finland
Mayor Municipality of Sipoo Local  Finland
Mayor City of Joensuu Local  Finland
Region Mayor Council of Tampere Region (Pirkanmaa) Regional  Finland
Regional Mayor Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council Regional  Finland

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