Ecolyo provides citizens with access and control over their energy and water consumption

Ecolyo is a digital service that helps citizens to easily access and control their energy (electricity and gas) and water consumption. It provides them with an overview of their consumption via a smartphone or desktop app. Ecolyo also provides tips and challenges to change their behaviour and to reduce energy and water consumption.

Ecolyo is part of the personal cloud service provided by the metropolis of Lyon called Cozy Métropole de Lyon, which gathers other MyData services, such as an administrative vault called Mes Papiers.

The solution explained

Ecolyo is open-source software. The Metropolis of Lyon has committed to releasing the source code of the applications it develops or commissions. As such, any specific development is published on the public forge of Grand Lyon.

Citizens have access to their consumptions because Ecolyo connects with the energy distributors’ API. The requirement is to have a smart meter. Such smart meters are largely deployed in Lyon Metropolis territory. This solution has been developed and tested since 2020. It was deployed for over a year and is fully operative.

Lyon Metropole is committed to sharing this service, its developments and the experience gained from building the Ecolyo service. Therefore, the metropole has established this Guide to assist those who wish to do the same in their community.

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