Support services for EU Smart Communities

In an effort to advance the digital transformation of EU communities, the European Commission (DG CNECT) has launched a collaborative effort to accelerate digital transformation with the inclusion of communities which are less advanced. These services aim to foster the adoption of local digital twins and other digital solutions across rural and urban areas, ensuring that technology is accessible to all. 

Pilot cities will be provided with essential tools for digital transformation. The services included in the pilot will provide a comprehensive assessment of cities current IT infrastructure's maturity, a tailored digitalisation roadmap, along with strategic guidance to identify and fulfil procurement needs essential for building the necessary technical capabilities. The pilot also offers dedicated support, on the identification of procurement needs and guidance on procurement strategies, considering open standards and interoperability requirements.   

AI-powered local digital twins are crucial for successful digitalization in Europe, as they offer advanced capabilities to analyse complex data sets, predict outcomes, and optimize resource allocation. They enhance urban planning, operational efficiency, crisis management, participatory governance, and decision-making processes. The intelligence derived from local digital twins enables cities to achieve cost efficiencies, improved service delivery, and sustainable development. 

Project partners: Deloitte, Capgemini, Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC), Intellera Consulting, Technopolis Group, TNO, imec, Serendipity, Kereval, DTU (Technical University of Denmark), Digital Vlaanderen, ICLEI. 

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