The European AI and robotics Testing and Experimental Facilities (TEFs) is an initiative to build a permanent capacity to test and approve these new technologies before they hit the streets.  

Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs) are specialised large-scale reference sites to test state-of-the art AI and robotics solutions. They are open to all European technology providers wanting to test both software and hardware AI products and services in real-world environments.  

There are four TEF's focused on Agrifood, Health, Manufacturing and Smart Cities and Communities. is the TEF for Smart Cities and Communities.  

The EU is launching a major investment for a total of more than EUR 2.2 billion to accelerate the development of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe. The consortium will lead a new major EU project to build a permanent facility that will give companies access to test AI-based products.  

The facility brings together the strongest parties in the field within the EU and covers 11 EU countries from the start.  

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Project partners: DTU (Technical University of Denmark), We Build Denmark, Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), imec, Nunsys, Ajuntament de València, Paradigm.Brussels, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Bruxelles Mobilité, S2 Grupo

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