"Development of the CitiVerse" call

08 Sep 2023

A funding opportunity for the development of the CitiVerse was opened on 11 May 2023 and will be open for submission until 22 November 2023 (CLOUD-DATA and AI DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-AI-04).

As described in the call document, the action will help define what the ‘CitiVerse’ means for Europe and to bring EU CitiVerse industry, including SMEs, together in developing the different layers of VR/AR worlds useful for local authorities and citizens. The project(s) stemming from this action will take into account potential EDIC in the field. The action could build on existing local digital twins expanding their capabilities.

In particular, the action will: 

  • Start developing the CitiVerse for citizens to offer them interoperable and sustainable services. 
  • Develop concrete CitiVerse use cases (and combinations of them) in the area of navigating in a community, discovering its assets such as culture, history, tourism and offering innovative services related to tourism, entertainment, shopping, future development and urban planning, etc., infrastructure management and sustainable mobility.
  • Encourage EU technology providers to integrate various data sources together to develop and train AI in a new specific CitiVerse context. 
  • Activate a network of EU industrial partners, including SMEs, in Member States to provide technology capacity for the CitiVerse. This network may be part of, and interact with, the VR/AR Industrial Coalition and/or the New European Bauhaus initiative.
  • Identify building visualization solutions and multi-dimensional models to implement CitiVerse prototypes. 
  • Exploit the long tradition of Europe in cultural and media content, involving European content creators, in particular SMEs, in the design of engaging in immersive CitiVerse environments.
  • Work towards recommendations for a robust, open and interoperable CitiVerse legal framework compatible with EU values and laws. 
  • Include security by design and plan how CitiVerse applications and platforms can be used in real-life contexts.

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