Co-design the Local Digital Twins (LDT) toolbox technical specifications for advancing the transformation of Smart Communities

18 Sep 2023

The EU project to "Co-design of the Local Digital Twins (LDT) toolbox technical specifications for Advancing the transformation of Smart Communities" has recently concluded. This project was part of the Digital Europe Programme, and was managed by the European Commission (Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology).

The project has been implemented by a consortium of organisations, including Deloitte, Capgemini, OASC, IMEC, Intellera Consulting, Technopolis Group, Technical University of Denmark and TNO. Its main objectives were to:

  • Map the EU LDT landscape and assess its state-of-play;
  • Consult stakeholders to co-design and inform the creation of the LDT Toolbox;
  • Define scenarios for the deployment of the LDT Toolbox;
  • Propose technical specifications for the development of an EU LDT Toolbox;
  • Present a roadmap for the deployment of the Toolbox.

As part of the activities of the project, on 12 July 2023, the consortium organised a virtual workshop titled "What should a Local Digital Twin (LDT) toolbox look like?"The main objective was to gather feedback from the most relevant stakeholders part of the Smart cities and communities (SCC) ecosystem on the composition of the LDT toolbox, as well as its sustainability over time as an evolving toolbox, and the steps towards its deployment. You can find the main takeaways and recording of the session here.

The views collected through this workshop contributed to refining the approach towards the final delivery of the project in August. Hereby you can find and read the public deliverables of the project:

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