What should a Local Digital Twin toolbox look like? – Summary report & Recording

LDT Toolbox Workshop

Genoveva Gil
Tech Lawyer

This workshop took place via ZOOM on July 12th, as part of the Digital Europe Program (DEP) project "Co-design of the Local Digital Twins (LDT) toolbox technical specifications for Advancing the transformation of Smart Communities".

The main objective was to gather the feedback from the most relevant stakeholders in the Smart cities and communities (SCC) ecosystem on the composition of the LDT toolbox, as well as its sustainability over time as an evolving toolbox. The views collected contributed to refining the approach toward the final delivery of the project in August 2023.

For this reason, while this workshop targeted mostly cities and communities, the wider LDT ecosystem was also welcome to join the discussion, namely LDT technology providers and developers; standardisation bodies; Smart city and communities’ networks; and participants in relevant DEP projects (e.g., DS4SSCC).

The project is managed by unit CNECT.C.3 – Technologies for Smart Communities, and it is led by Deloitte, together with Capgemini, OASC, Intellera, Technopolis Group, IMEC, TNO and DTU.

The consortium prepared a summary report of the workshop which includes the main takeaways and findings of the workshop. You can download the full report here.

If you missed the workshop or you just want to refresh your memory, you can watch or re-watch the full recording here.


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