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Data Spaces Symposium

Unite. Innovate. Adopt.

Sharing data is good. Good data sharing is quintessential for the digital revolution. Data spaces are the key because they enable data sovereignty. Now we need open-source software solutions and a wide market adoption. If you are a newbie or an expert, the Data Spaces Symposium is the right place to learn, connect and drive the future of the digital economy.

The Data Spaces Symposium, the world’s leading event on data spaces

First political meeting of the Automotive Regions Alliance

The Automotive Regions Alliance (ARA) was founded at the 150th Plenary Session of the CoR in June 2022 to represent the interests of European regions with an automotive industry, in order to accompany the fundamental change in this sector and its impact on our regions. The first political meeting of the regional presidents of the ARA member regions will adopt it's short- and medium-term strategic goals for the next years and discuss with European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit the needs for a just transition for regions with a strong automotive industry. 

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