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DT4REGIONS Project - Call for contribution on DT Stories and DT Solutions

Call contribution

Rodolphe Doité
Project Manager - ERRIN

The DT4REGIONS project is a European Parliament Preparatory Action supported with European Funds. It aimed at creating of a European Platform for Regions to enable AI and Big Data collective solutions, available here. It is a unique challenge-based innovation platform for the development of tools and services of public interest.

To support the project and its development, a Call for Contributions for DT Stories and DT Solutions has been published to guide potential contributors on what should be included in a DT Story and a DT solution, as well as guidance on how to upload them to the DT4REGIONS platform.

  • A DT Storie represents a policy challenge to tackle or a specific strategic objective to achieve through innovative practices. It is an identified opportunity for value creation through digital transformation . Thus, it is formulated as a change in existing processes: what are we striving to attain through digital transformation?
  • A DT Solution is a reusable, interoperable and self-contained digital resource addressing the challenges defined in a DT Story. DT Solution includes an IT service either procured or developed that implements AI technologies applied on datasets of any size (e.g. Big Data) and format (such as tabular, streams, etc.).

This guide can be accessed directly here or on DT4REGIONS Platform here.

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