Co-design the Local Digital Twins (LDT) toolbox

21 Jun 2023

As part of the Digital Europe programme and the initiatives aimed at advancing digital transformation of cities and communities, the European Commission (Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology) has recently a project to “Co-design the Local Digital Twins (LDT) toolbox technical specifications for advancing the transformation of Smart Communities”. The project is implemented by a consortium of organisations, including Deloitte, Capgemini, DTU, IMEC, Intellera Consulting, Technopolis Group, TNO and OASC. 

The project's main objectives are to:

  • map EU-based technology providers and users involved in LDT deployment
  • develop a complete LDT toolbox
  • validate LDT scenarios
  • design the toolbox based on the best deployment scenario
  • and create a plan for widespread adoption in the EU.

Are you a member of a city or community?

In this framework, as a Living-in.EU member, you are invited to respond to a survey to capture the perspectives of cities and communities on the essential components and specific requirements for the development of the Local Digital Twins Toolbox. Your responses will directly contribute to shaping the toolbox, ensuring that it aligns with real-world demands and addresses key challenges faced in the field. 

You can access the survey via this link:

Are you a stakeholder involved in LDT?

If in your ecosystem you have other relevant stakeholders, especially technology providers, please note that there is a dedicated survey for them, similar to the one for cities and communities. Please, feel free to forward it to your technological partners, if relevant.


The deadline for the survey is 30 June at 23:59 CEST. For any questions please refer to

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