Smaller and Medium-sized Cities - Challenges and solutions to scaling up the digital transformation

19th European Week of Cities and Regions

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The purpose of the event will be to look at the specific challenges and opportunities of digitalisation in smaller and medium-sized cities. Focusing in particular on the concept of interoperability as a means of accelerating digital service delivery and creating positive spill-over effects for the broader economy, we will discuss the key steps that should be taken by small and medium-sized cities or communities in their digitalisation journey and the EU tools available. Throughout the workshop, based on the Living-in.EU movement and Eurotowns experience, the participants will discuss what digital transition means in a local context, what the local challenges in implementing digital solutions are and what is needed at EU level in order to foster the localisation of the digital transformation process.

The interactive setup, including splitting into parallel sessions/break-out rooms, will allow the participants to discuss particular aspects of the digital transformation at local level in detail, namely:

  • Local challenges in implementing digital solutions
  • EU tools for supporting digital transition
  • Needs at EU level to foster the localisation of the digital transformation process
  • Boosting the local digital ecosystem, for example through European Digital Innovation Hubs
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the digital transition.

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Commissioner Thierry Breton is to meet with EU Mayors and members of the Living-in.EU and the Intelligent Cities Challenge to discuss the Green and Digital transformation and the socio-economic resilience of cities and communities.

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