Livinig-in.EU plenary meeting

The Living-in.EU movement was launched just over two years ago in Oulu and a signatory ceremony held at the Cities Forum 2020 in Porto. In this meeting, we will present an overview of the movement’s evolution and we would like to hear the cities’ feedback on their experiences and expectations for Living-in.EU. : For you to come well prepare to the meeting you can find below (point 3 of the agenda) three questions you will be discussing in breakout rooms.


  1. Welcome
  2. Pannel discussion with founding cities and partners
  3. Signatories’ discussion: Has Living-in.EU delivered for you? What are your expectations for the future?
    1. What has Living-in.EU delivered that is most useful to your city/community? Is it delivering to your expectations?
    2. What areas/ deliverables/types of challenges should the Living-in.EU community focus on in the next two years? Where should more or less efforts be focused? What would bring most added value to you and your city/community?
    3. How should Living-in.EU adapt its structures and delivery methods to respond to your needs? Are there other organisations or initiatives at either national, EU or international level that Living-in.EU should collaborate with to be more effective?
  4. Upcoming events and conclusion
  5. AOB




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