Future Proof Summit - Startups for Tech Sovereignty

Red bricks, French fries and Belgian beer. Startups join forces to hack our continent. Come to innovate, share ideas, co-create and scale-up your business!  

Futureproof Summit brings together startup founders, corporate C-levels, public decision makers, investors and world class researchers.  

One day to imagine innovations that will resist the future. FutureProof Summit 2021 is the first edition of an annual event organized by EuraTechnologies in Lille. 

59000 LILLE,


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How Renewed Focus on Citizens Will Make Digital Government Services Friendlier and More Effective

More and more government services are moving online, and yet there is a paradox. Few can dispute the added convenience and sometimes vastly improved quality that digital delivery entails, but many find that digitally-delivered services are not yet user-friendly enough to make access easy or widespread. 

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