Eurocities City Dialogue on Digital twins for cities

Digital twins provide cities and communities with the opportunity to leverage the potential of several technological developments in an integrated solution. Large scale collection of data using IoT sensors and the 5G network and applying Artificial Intelligence on the data to produce insights in a representative model of cities, presents a powerful tool for cities to work towards the implementation of the green deal objectives and creating better places for citizens to live in.


The session will be moderated by Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General at Eurocities.

Rotterdam, Rennes, Helsinki and Barcelona will give an insight in their digital twin projects and plans for the future.

The session continues with an intervention by Eddy Hartog, Head of Unit Technologies for Smart Communities at DG CNECT, who will share the Commission’s vision on the opportunities for digital twins, after which the floor will be open for questions.

Matteo Lepore, Deputy Mayor for Culture, sport, tourism and civic imagination at the Municipality of Bologna, will close the session with a view on a potential European city alliance.


Please send an e-mail to Chiara Fiani that you wish to join. A link to the session and the detailed programme will be shared with you ahead of the session.

We are looking forward to welcome you on 29 March for this knowledge sharing session on Digital twins for cities!


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