CONNECT University Summer School 2021 | Digital for our Planet

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The current changes in the planet's climate are transforming our world. An understanding of the climate emergency and its future implications is imperative for the future of Europe. With the aim of empowering people to a human-centered, sustainable and more prosperous digital future, CONNECT University is organising from 21 June until 2 July a special sixth edition of Summer School that aims to share knowledge and information about the way climate change is interconnected with digital transformation. High-level experts coming from the EU Institutions, industry, academia will present cutting-edge innovations addressing how can digital technologies be harnessed to tackle climate change, both in terms of a greener digital system, as well as their role in helping reducing carbon emissions across industries. The programme will explore the way digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or High Performance Computing can be applied to address major societal challenges, bringing innovative solutions to address the challenge of climate. In addition, we will discuss about the way digital infrastructures and technologies themselves will have to become more sustainable and energy and resource efficient. In a broader perspective, the economic, social and environmental issues will be tackled for further strengthening the policy responses.

CONNECT University is committed to equipping the society with the awareness and skills needed for the digital world. It is up to us all what type of world we want to create for our future and for the future of our children. 



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