City leaders

As a city leader, your responsibility extends beyond managing day-to-day operations; you are at the forefront of ensuring the well-being and development of your community. In an era where technology is rapidly evolving, leveraging digital tools can significantly enhance your ability to address urban challenges effectively. From data spaces to local digital twins, these advanced solutions are helping cities and communities across the European Union navigate their daily challenges both practically and politically.


Improved decision-making

Real-time data and predictive analytics enable urban leaders to make informed, transparent decisions. Thanks to data visualisation tools and simulation models, complex information becomes more accessible and understandable, allowing city leaders to anticipate future trends, identify potential challenges, and evaluate the real impact of policies.


Resource optimisation

Advanced analytics capabilities enable cities to forecast demand and trends, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively. Smart infrastructure, such as smart grids and intelligent transportation systems, enables cities to optimise their use of resources in real-time.  


Better public services

Digital tools enable cities to gather and analyse data to improve service performance, optimising resource allocation and delivery to citizens. Efficient communication channels allow residents to report issues and provide feedback in real-time.

We need digital technologies as a tool to achieve our common vision, to push democracy and twin transition forward,

– Matteo Lepore, Mayor of Bologna

Unlocking the political potential

Leveraging digital tools and solutions offers several political advantages for city leaders. By aligning these technologies with political objectives such as sustainability, economic growth, and social inclusion, tangible progress can be demonstrated. 

Utilising data-driven insights promotes transparency and builds trust among citizens by showcasing measurable outcomes of policies.

Moreover, embracing digital innovation positions the city as a leader in technological advancement, attracting investment and talent while solidifying its reputation for innovation and digital transformation.

A hand holding the replica of a city.
A hand holding the replica of a city.

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