Interoperable Europe Act: Interoperability assessments for European public administrations

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Webinar |
21 May 2024
Organiser:Go Li.EU

In the context of the Legal Working Group, Living-in.EU is organising an online webinar to discuss the recently approved European Interoperability Act and its impact on local and regional authorities. 

Don't miss out the online webinar and join us on Tuesday, 21 May at 15:30!


The European Council adopted a new regulation which aims at establishing more interoperable digital public services across the EU: the Interoperable Europe Act.  

The IEA Act gives particular attention to the public sector digital transformation and making them digital-ready. It does so by introducing various instruments:  

  • Setting up a new cooperation framework for public administration and provide support measures for promoting innovation  

  • Creating an ecosystem of shared interoperability solutions, supported by measures to promote innovation, enhance skills and knowledge exchange 

  • Introducing interoperability assessments, for digital public services involving cross-border data exchanges.   

Objective of the session  

The measures and instruments introduced by the Interoperable Europe Act will directly impact local and regional authorities and the way public services are designed and assessed.  

The objective of this session is to provide local and regional authorities with a deeper understanding of the main instruments introduced by the Act, with a focus on the interoperability assessment and its impact and benefits to the local and regional authorities.  

The session will also explain the recent call for participation launched by the European Commission, which offers to public administration in the EU the possibility to shape the guidelines for interoperability assessments.  

Make sure to mark your agenda and join us to discover how the IEA will impact public administrations across Europe and how to get involved! 

Draft Agenda  

15:30- 15:35: Welcome  

15:35 – 15:50 IEA Act: more interoperable public services across the EU (Isa Von Kalben, Program Manager, European Commission -TBC) 

15:50 – 16:15 IEA Impact on local and regional authorities (Anke Schuster, Policy Officer, Committee of the Regions- TBC; Marek Bobis, Policy Officer, Committee of the Regions- TBC) 

16:15 – 16:30 Discussion & Conclusions 


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