Solution providers

Whether you are a researcher exploring cutting-edge technologies, represent an EU-funded project driving innovation, or belong to an SME offering digital solutions, your role in shaping the future of smart cities is crucial.

Connect with EU smart cities and communities, understand their needs, and offer tailored solutions that enhance urban livinto increase the impact and reach of your technologies significantlyes.


Increased visibilty

Showcase your innovations to city leaders and decision-makers across Europe, expanding your market reach and networking opportunities


Collaborative innovation

Collaborate with diverse stakeholders, including public administrations, researchers, SMEs, and EU-funded projects, to co-create impactful solutions that address real urban challenges.


Access to resources

Utilise a rich repository of tools, knowledge, and support services provided by the European Commission to refine and scale your solutions effectively in the smart city ecosystem.


Share your developments

Explore our platform to share your digital solutions tailored for EU smart communities. Submit your solutions, and how they address specific challenges or provide services within smart cities. 

The Catalogue of Tools shows essential components that support the development, implementation, or management of digital solutions within smart communities. These can include software applications, frameworks, templates, and other resources that facilitate the creation or enhancement of digital capabilities. Submit your tools such as data visualisation platforms, simulation models, procurement templates, or frameworks for establishing data spaces to empower other stakeholders in their smart city initiatives.

Relevant studies and resources submitted will enrich our Knowledge Base, supporting the advancement of digitalisation efforts across Europe

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