European Commission's Tech4Good Marketplace: Submit your city and solutions

Tech4Good Marketplace

Saara Valtasaari
Communications representative of OASC

The Tech4Good Marketplace of the European Commission, established under the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC), aims to provide a single and trustful platform to boost access to ethical, environmentally sustainable, digital enabled solutions that are human-centred, affordable and solve concrete challenges within cities and communities and within the social and proximity economy ecosystem, developed by local SMEs, social enterprises and start-ups. Do you have an inspiring story and/or implementation? Show them to the world by having them published on this growing repository of exciting products and solutions and share them with your peers! 

The Tech4Good Marketplace seeks to create a vibrant community and makerspace where those facing local challenges can identify practices and solutions powered by technology as well as meet up to work together to find solutions. The solutions in the marketplace aim to improve the lives of citizens, city and regional administrations, businesses, SMEs, social economy players and civil societies overall.

The Tech4Good Marketplace valorizes ethical, environmentally sustainable, human-centered and just solutions, adds visibility to your solution, facilitates European local and social actors in their process of finding solutions and connecting to their providers. 

Visit the marketplace and learn what cities and solutions are already integrated in the repository and seize the opportunity to showcase also your city and/or solutions simply by completing these forms:

City Profile Submission form
Solution Submission form

If you want to submit more than one solution, please fill in the solution form individually for each solution. The link to submit solutions can be used multiple times.

For questions, please send an e-mail to:


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