CitiVerse: Technical Subgroup Meeting

26 Sep 2023

On the 4th of September 2023 a virtual workshop was held within the technical sub-group of led and prepared by Digitaal Vlanderen, Martine Delannoy supported by Sophie Meszaros, OASC. 

The focus was a contribution to the pre-standardisation roadmap for the CitiVerse. Through the prioritization of use cases with the participant contributed to an inclusive, citizen centric and sustainable CitiVerse.

A CitiVerse is a series of interconnected and distributed hybrid and virtual worlds representing, and synchronized with, their physical counterparts. It offers new (administrative, economic, social, policymaking, and/or cultural) virtual goods/services/capabilities to city and community actors such as citizens, represented as digital avatars.  

During the workshop 27 Participants contributed valuably. The pre-standardisation initiative was explained by the EU Commission representatives. The similarities and differences between the Metaverse and CitiVerse were highlighted. Followed by a workshop in which all were invited to explore use case contributions by experts, enrich and prioritize these in function of the priorities and needs in the smart and sustainable cities and communities context.

Written by Martine Delannoy, Digitaal Vlanderen

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