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Discover Multi Country Projects and the European Digital Infrastructure Consortiums (EDICs)



Living-in.EU Finance Subgroup is organising an online webinar on "Discover Multi-Country Projects and the European Digital Infrastructure Consortiums (EDICs)". Living-in.EU signatories as well as public representatives of cities, regions, and national authorities are welcome to join the meeting. 

The webinar will occur on Monday, 11 September 2023, from 11:00 - 12:30.

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According to the 2030 Policy Programme “Path to the Digital Decade”, multi-country projects involving several Member States, could allow for large-scale interventions in areas necessary for the achievement of digital targets, notably by pooling resources from the Union, Member States and where appropriate private sources. For this reason, the European Commission aims at playing a central role in accelerating the deployment of multi-country projects via a new implementation mechanism, the European Digital Infrastructure Consortium (EDICs).1 

EDICs will be established in various digital areas. For instance, the EDIC on Networked Local Digital Twins towards the Citiverse was launched on 15 June 2023 at the occasion of the Digital Assembly in Stockholm.  

EDICs should be able to attract and combine various sources of Union and Member States’s funding, offering the opportunity to foster collaboration among various levels of governance and representing an important tool for local and regional authorities to develop the EU Digital Decade Strategic Roadmap.  

This online webinar will offer the opportunity to present the implementing mechanisms of the EDICs on behalf of the European Commission, it will showcase some use cases from the national and local level as well as presenting a best practice on combining the RRF funds and national funds in the France Relance Programme.  


11:00-11:05  Welcome & Introducing the chair of the finance subgroup (Gabriela Ruseva, Eurocities and Arnis Gulbis, Riga Digital Agency) 

11:05-11:25  Presentation and overview of the EDICs, EDIC on Networked Local Digital Twins towards the Citiverse (Serge Novaretti, European Commission) 

11:25-11:35  National perspective on the EDICs (TBC) 

11:35-11:50  Local perspective on the EDICs (Ernesto Faubel, City of Valencia)

11:50-12:05  The France 2030 Programme boosting local digital transformation (Alexandre Chaffotte, Caisse des depots, France)

12:05-12:25  Discussion on the expectations on the EDICs  

12:25-12:30  Conclusions 


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