DIY Toolkit

Welcome to the Living-in.EU Do It Yourself (DIY) Toolkit!

Our toolkit is designed to equip you with everything you need to amplify your voice and showcase your dedication to the movement. From engaging social media posts and captivating images to eye-catching postcards and informative PDFs, our toolkit offers a variety of components to help you communicate your support effectively.

The toolkit is composed of 

1. A general overview of the Toolkit

2. Some useful documents:

- The Join, Boost, Sustain Declaration

- The Mission Statement

- The Living-in.EU one-pager

3. The Living-in.EU logo & How to combine it with yours

4. Sign the Declaration pics:


- square

5. A presentation of the Living-in.EU Movement

6. Postcards in PDF and as images:

- I can front & back

- I learn front & back

- I matter front & back

- I trust front & back

- I participate front & back

- I enable front & back

7. Posters:


- I can

- I enable

- I learn

- I matter

- I participate

- I trust

8. Colour Palette, Typography & Hashtags

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