CommuniCity stands as a groundbreaking EU-funded endeavor, placing citizens at its core. Its mission? Launching 100 Tech Pilots across urban and peri-urban areas in Europe, with a focus on empowering marginalized communities. In collaboration with various stakeholders like companies, organizations, and tech providers, CommuniCity aims to harness technology to bridge the digital gap and uplift excluded communities, all while enhancing their well-being. 

What sets CommuniCity apart is its integration of insights from European, national, and local innovation programs. Drawing upon these diverse resources, it crafts an inclusive, community-driven approach to innovation. At its heart lies an agile model that fosters experimentation and adaptation. 

Central to CommuniCity's strategy is the concept of co-creation. Local communities are engaged from the outset, identifying their unique challenges and actively participating in the development of tech-driven solutions through Open Calls. These initiatives are promoted at various levels, from local to European, fostering a cross-border exchange of ideas and solutions. 

In line with the principles of the Join Boost Sustain Declaration and the Living-in.EU Digital Assembly, CommuniCity prioritizes a citizen-centric approach. It champions digital transformation that is secure, inclusive, and democratic, safeguarding digital rights and equipping individuals with essential digital skills to narrow the digital divide. 

Given its alignment with these principles, the CommuniCity project holds significant importance for the Living-in.EU Movement. Its community-driven model not only addresses the digital gap but also tackles complex challenges associated with digitalization, contributing to the movement's overarching goals.  

The Third Open Call of the CommuniCity project will commence in September 2024. Don't miss out on this final opportunity to be part of an innovative initiative driving positive change across Europe.:  

Project partners: Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC), University of Amsterdam, Gemeente Amsterdam, Demos Helsinki, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Porto Domus Social, Forum Virium Helsinki, Porto Digital, European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)  , Centre de Visió per Computador Sociedade Portuguesa de Innovação, Engineering the Digital Transformation Company.  

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