European Committee of the Regions and EU Commission jointly drive forward the fast and intelligent roll-out of broadband infrastructure

On 15th of June, the second 2021 Broadband Platform meeting brought together members of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) with European Commission experts and a Portuguese Presidency of the Council representative – giving them the oc


B2G data sharing in energy – 3rd B2G Data Sharing Workshop

Smart energy management in cities is a key to achieving the green and digital transition. This was the focus of the third in a series of five workshops on business to government (B2G) data sharing in cities. Helsinki, Rennes Metropole and Milan shared their experiences, followed by an engaging discussion with around 30 European cities.


ESPON needs your help to map digital innovation at local level

Baseline survey on how cities, towns and rural areas across Europe approach digital innovation launched today


Smart and Green Communities session - Leading the Digital Decade Event

Join us at the Smart and Green communities’ session on the 2nd June 16:15 to 17:00 CET and find out about funding opportunities for Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities (SSCC) topics in the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL). Cristina Martinez, Deputy Head of the Unit Technologies for Smart Communities, and Andrea Halmos, Policy Officer, will give insights into our vision and long-term strategy for SSCC, present the foreseen calls in the first Work Programme and answer your questions during the Q&A.


Towards green, smart and affordable mobility services in cities and communities - 2nd B2G data sharing workshop

Green, smart and affordable mobility is an ambition of many European Cities. This was the focus of the second in a series of 5 workshops on business to government (B2G) data sharing in cities. Barcelona, Lisbon and Pilsen shared and discussed their experience with over 40 European cities.


Designing with people, for people, as people

Talking to Jochem Cooiman, Innovation officer at the City of Rotterdam, we peak into the concept of user-centricity and the learning path of cities involved in the UserCentriCities project.

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