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Mariana Furtado

UserCentriCities launches the User-Centric Services Repository, a unique online inventory of best practices in user-centric local public services.

Visit the User-Centric Services Repository 

Download the Press Release 

Including world-class innovative services such as Rotterdam’s Digitale Balie, a digital counter for public-service delivery through video calling; Madrid’s Madrid Te Acompaña, a mobile application for the elderly to find accompanying volunteers; Tallinn’s AvaLinn mobile application where citizens give feedback on city development plans; Milano Partecipa, Milan’s citizen participation platform, the User-Centric Services Repository will serve as a place for inspiration, knowledge-exchange and for highlighting genuinely user-centric digital services in Europe. 

To further enrich the Repository, local and regional administrations (cities, municipalities, regions) are invited to submit their exemplary user-centric services. The services will be published online and will be eligible to receive the annual UserCentriCities Awards. 

Add your User-Centric Services (registration required)

By submitting your user-centric services, you can: 

  1. Become a candidate for The 2022 UserCentriCities Award, which will be given this summer at high-level ceremony in a European city. 
  2. Offer inspiration and exchange of best practices to other cities and regions around Europe and the world. 
  3. Highlight your work and user-centric approach in the European level. 

 For more information on what services are eligible and how to enter yours, visit this page


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