Portugal launches its first National Smart Territories Strategy

Portugal NSTS
11 Jan 2024

On 18 December 2023, Portugal presented their first National Strategy for Intelligent Territories (NSST) and became a Living-in.EU signatory. Under the motto "transforming data into action", it is a benchmark for making life easier for people and companies through data, in an efficient and sustainable management of the territory based on innovation and transparency.

Estratégia Nacional de Territórios Inteligentes (ENTI)  already has an investment of 60 million euros under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP). In its design and collaborative construction, local authorities, regional coordination and development commissions, intermunicipal communities, and various entities, including companies in the technology and telecommunications areas, higher education institutions and bodies integrated into the national science and technology system, actively participated.

This public policy instrument drives the implementation of 16 strategic initiatives and 31 local recommendations which, through technological solutions, make it possible to anticipate, manage and plan the needs of territories, covering both urban and rural areas, in a commitment to promoting territorial equality.

Acting in the fields of governance, society, mobility, the environment, quality of life and the economy, the various actions that make up the NSST focus, in part, on the intelligent management of essential resources, such as water, mobility or energy, among others, ensuring their efficient allocation, optimizing the functioning of cities, rural areas, forests, protected areas and communities in general.

In addition, the Strategy includes among its objectives the cooperation between local authorities, companies and academia, promoting the creation of synergies and initiatives, and aims to empower and prepare the community to face future challenges.

Underlying NSST is a change of approach towards how data can be generated, integrated, shared and analysed, and the creation of the Portugal Data Platform, coordinated by the Agency for Administrative Modernization (AMA), that will play a key role for the future of political decision making.

For the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Administrative Modernisation, Mário Campolargo, "the relevance of the presentation of the first National Smart Territories Strategy is reflected in a set of guidelines for accelerating the transformation of municipalities and positioning Portugal as a digital nation. This strategy seeks to contribute to more informed, evidence-based public decision-making and leverage even smarter management of the territories' essential resources".

The presentation session took place at the Rectory of the New University of Lisbon and more information can be found at www.territoriosinteligentes.gov.pt.


Original author:

Joana Portugal

Assessora de Imprensa (Press) Presidência do Conselho de Ministros

Photo credits:

Telmo Miller


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