Living-in.EU on Urban Reverb, the Smart City Marketplace Podcast

Mariana Furtado

The Smart City's Marketplace podcast Urban Reverb aims to inform you about different smart city related topics. The 4th episode was titled "Taking the Initiative(s)" and focused on EU policy, in particular on the Living-in.EU, Covenant of Mayors and New European Bauhaus initiatives, covering topics such as Digital Twins, citizen engagement, data, decabornisation and more.

The interview was conducted by Anthony Colclough from EUROCITIES.

Interviewees were:

Noirin Ni Earcain: Seconded national expert in technologies for smart communities, European Commission, DG Connect,

Serge Novaretti: Policy and Programme Manager, European Commission, DG Connect,

Francesca Bria: President of the Italian National Innovation Fund, experts for the High-Level Roundtable on the New European Bauhaus

María Cruz Ferreira-Costa: Managing Director at Murcia City Council dealing with energy, energy efficiency and climate change and the Covenant of Mayors

You can listen to the podcast here.



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