Living-in.EU Subgroups - Workplans priorities 2023


Viviana Demonte
Living-in.EU team

The Living-in.EU movement believes that strong cooperation through multi-level governance in the EU and co-creation with citizens can turn cities and communities across the EU into smart and sustainable places where people enjoy living and working.  

To support its commitments, the Living-in.EU welcomes its signatories to join the five subgroups: legal, financial, technical, education, and capacity building; monitoring and measuring. Each subgroup commits to the extensive update and scaling up of digital solutions through an annual work plan designed in cooperation with its members.  

Find here below the subgroup's priorities for 2023. If you already are a Living-in.EU signatory, you can easily request membership to any of the subgroups here. If you are not yet a signatory, you can join the subgroups after signing the declaration here

  • Legal subgroup – Work Plan priorities 2023

- Understanding and Assessing European legislative measures and policy proposals, such as the Interoperable Europe Act proposal  

- Supporting the development of standard contractual clauses for the procurement of AI  

- Exploring legal aspects of algorithm registers  

- Discuss legal tools and processes related to the development and operation of urban data platforms  

  • Financial subgroup – Work Plan priorities 2023 

- Discover Multi-Country Projects (MCPs) and Europe Digital Infrastructure Consortiums (EDICs) 

- Validate clauses for AI procurement  

- Discuss concrete funding opportunities and their relevance for cities and smart communities  

- Collect cities and communities (financial) needs to support their digital transformation  

  • Technical - Work Plan priorities 2023 

- Continue the development of MIMs Plus 

- Develop operational guidance related to technical aspects of procurement, to deployment/integration and to the development of methodologies for conformance and compliance testing 

- Explore the interconnection among platforms, to establish a European Smart communities data space and linking with other data spaces. 

  • Education and Capacity building - Work Plan priorities 2023 

- Increase skills of public administrations on user involvement in Digital Twins Design  

- Support public administrations to identifying funding resources and increase levels of implementation  

- Assess & Review the inventory of tools of Go Li.EU 

  • Monitoring and Measuring - Work Plan priorities 2023 

- Evaluation of LORDIMAS Alpha version  

- Piloting the survey with BETA release and preparing the final release 

- Monitor the creation and implementation of the LORDIMAS communication  


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