Flemish Government confirms leadership in European digital transformation by joining Living-in.EU

From left to right: Jeroen Windey, André Sobczak, Jan Smedts, Mark Andries
16 Jun 2023

Last Friday, the Flemish Government announced its participation in Living-in.EU initiative and its support of the Join, Boost, Sustain declaration on the European way of digital transformation of cities and communities.

The European Declaration is an important milestone towards a ‘European approach’ to the digital transformation of local governments, communities, and regions. The aim is to encourage local governments to jointly (re)use digital solutions, thereby closing the digital gap, reducing inequality, and promoting stronger territorial cohesion. Local data plays a crucial role here. In this way, citizens and businesses can have better-informed, innovative, and high-quality services”, summarises the Flemish Government.

Under the proposal of the Smart Region Office and the Ministers Jan Jambon, Jo Brouns and Bart Somers, the Flemish Government has decided to endorse the Living-in.EU initiative and sign the Declaration. This action positions Flanders as a pioneer in innovative digital transformation projects and solutions in Europe.

Minister President Jan Jambon, meanwhile, signed the declaration on behalf of the Flemish government. On Friday 9th of June, the respective Administrators General –Jan Smedts of Digitaal Vlaanderen, Jeroen Windey of the Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur (ABB) and Mark Andries of VLAIO– endorsed the importance of this initiative by co-signing the declaration at an official meeting together with Martin Bailey, Representative of the European Commission and Head of Unit at DG Connect, and André Sobczak, Secretary General of Eurocities.

Flanders has already contributed to successful EU projects by participating in and coordinating study days, debates, technical working groups and workshops on Local Digital Twins. As coordinator of the H2020 DUET and H2020 COMPAIR project on citizen science, Flanders is capitalising on the involvement of European citizens in Digital Transformation. The Interoperable Europe-based OSLO standards also fit within the Living-in.EU objectives.

The Flemish Government calls on cities, municipalities, and other digital transformation actors in Flanders to co-sign or support the declaration. 


Brussels, 16 June 2023.


If you also want to become a signatory or supporter of Living-in.EU, you can register here.

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