European Union deploys data spaces for cities and communities – 15m€ for cross-sectorial pilots

Data Space for Smart Communities
06 Nov 2023

Copenhagen, 3 November 2023 - European local governments and companies are urged to participate in the Data Space for Smart Communities initiative. This project aims to create a secure, inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future, driven by a data ecosystem that benefits all European citizens.

Recognizing the pivotal role of data in the modern world, local governments and companies across the European Union are encouraged to propose pilot projects as part of the initiative's deployment phase. A substantial budget of 15 million euros is allocated for 10-12 selected proposals. More details about these opportunities can be found online and at events in Barcelona and Rotterdam.

Save the date for the official call opening on 17 January 2024 at the "Open & Agile Smart Cities Conference" in Rotterdam. To stay updated, sign up for notifications through the provided links.

Martin Brynskov, Lead and Coordinator at the Technical University of Denmark, emphasizes the importance of well-governed data, stating that, "Data is the new material of the millennium, but we are still learning how to use it as a foundation for building societies. If we are to reap the benefits, data spaces must be well governed and well managed, like we do with other natural resources."

For more information, an Online Info Session is scheduled for the 15th of November between 1 pm and 3 pm (CEST/Brussels time). Don't miss it out; sign up today.

Elisabeth Beck Knudsen, Deputy Coordinator at the Technical University of Denmark, shares the mission,"Our goal is to create an open and interconnected data ecosystem that empowers individuals, organizations, and communities by enabling secure data-driven solutions. Governance is central to our approach, and the pilot projects will provide invaluable expertise for the practical implementation of data spaces for cities and communities in Europe".

To ensure the success of these pilot projects, comprehensive support will be provided, including an experts-driven mentoring and training program.

The Data Space for Smart Communities deployment, which began on 1 October 2023, promises to provide the technical foundations for robust, value-based governance of data access, sharing, and utilization, in line with the EU Digital Decade goals.

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