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The EU Public Services Open Source Achievement Awards

OSOR Awards

Viviana Demonte
Living-in.EU team


The European Commission’s Open Source Observatory (OSOR) organises the EU Public Services Open Source Achievement Awards to honour and showcase the best open-source solutions and initiatives created by or for the public administrations in Europe. 

As the title of the Awards indicates, the Jury will focus on achievements of Open Source solutions and initiatives: the ambitious goals, determination in overcoming challenges, contribution towards furthering democracy, transparency and active participation of citizens in creating digital infrastructures serving constituents, the impact on their communities, and effective usage of public resources and exceptional response to solving problems.

Public administrations at all levels, public service institutions (such as schools, universities, or hospitals),  third-sector organisations crucial for the functioning of public services and working directly with administrations are invited to participate in the contest.  Businesses developing the solutions can apply only together with a public-sector body they have worked with on their development.

Award Categories

The best projects will be selected in two categories:

1) EU Public Sector Open Source Achievement Award, chosen by the Jury

2) OSOR Community Award voted by OSOR users and the public via Joinup platform

Who can participate? 

The Awards are for organisations and teams who:

  • have successfully implemented an Open Source solution(s) within public administrations
  • developed initiatives using and advancing the use of Open Source within public services. 

The submitters may represent public administrations; public service institutions such as schools, universities, and hospitals; third sector organisations crucial for the functioning of public services and working directly with administrations. Businesses developing the solutions can apply only together with a public entity they have worked with.

How and when to submit the application? 

The winners of the EU Public Sector Open Source Achievement Award will be determined by a jury, while the winner of the OSOR Community Award will be chosen by the public through a vote on the Joinup platform. This online vote will be open from 29 September to 26 October giving you a chance to voice your support for your favourite open source solution and initiative.

The winners will be announced in Brussels on 21 November 2023 at OSOR’s anniversary conference  Open Source Observatory turns 15: from pioneering to mainstreaming open technologies in public services. The event will bring together stakeholders from the EU Member States public administrations, European Institutions, and open source communities, associations, and businesses.

The six finalists of the Achievement Award and the winner of the Community Award will be invited to present their work at the final session of this event. It will be concluded with the Awards ceremony. The travel and accommodation costs of the representatives of selected projects will be covered.

For more information about the OSOR Awards, eligibility and selection criteria, and how to submit projects,  please check the  Awards page and Procedure Guide.


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