Emilia-Romagna joins Living-in.EU to develop and strengthen digital communities

signing the Declaration

Genoveva Gil
Tech Lawyer

On the 22 June 2023, with the occasion of the DT4REGIONS final conference, Emilia-Romagna joined the group of over 150 signatories of the Join, Boost, Sustain declaration.

Transforming cities and communities into smart and sustainable places, where people love to live and work, for a cohesive digital Europe, which allows everyone to enjoy the economic and social benefits of a transformation that leaves no one behind; and therefore, the need for sufficient public and private investment in services, technologies, infrastructure and digital skills in order to achieve this objective. These are some of the common principles that characterise the European Living-in.EU Declaration, namely 'Joining forces to promote sustainable digital transformation in EU cities and communities'.

This is a statement that the Councillor for EU affairs, Paolo Calvano, ratified for Emilia-Romagna Region. This is Living-in.EU, a coalition of regions and local authorities that supports the importance of developing and empowering digital solutions.

“Our region is committed to a path of digital transformation that must be sustainable and inclusive. A digital transformation that leaves no citizen and no city behind. A mode of digital transformation that strives to counter digital divides, to remedy inequalities and to pursue digital cohesion. We are ready to engage with those who think like us in the Living-in.eu community”, says Councillor Calvano.

If you want to join the European way of digital transformation, sign the declaration today: here.


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