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21 Dec 2023

Exciting news for Dutch municipalities! You are invited to an extended workshop designed for Dutch cities and communities on January 17th at the OASC conference in Rotterdam. This event marks the debut of the first EU Local Digital Twins initiative.

This gathering serves as a pivotal moment steering the sustainable digital development journey of local municipalities and communities across the Netherlands. Supported by the European Commission, this initiative opens doors for Dutch municipalities to connect with EU organisations dedicated to sustainable local digitalisation. It serves as an early gateway to crucial tools, funding opportunities, and insights into EU policies. Engage with fellow municipalities, associations, and initiatives to exchange invaluable best practices in your digitalisation journey.

The European initiative comprises two essential parts, with hybrid events and training sessions planned across all EU member states. For the Netherlands, this workshop on January 17th signifies the start. Subsequently, an even more comprehensive online training session will delve deeper into your city's digital journey and how the EU can assist. Stay tuned for the updated agenda. 

Participation in this event expands your network, fostering collaborations to co-create innovative digital tools like the Local Digital Twins Toolbox. Additionally, it is an opportunity to enhance existing tools such as LORDIMAS, essential in evaluating a local community's digital maturity. Find the official program details at the registration form.

Registration: Please register for the workshop via this form. If you are attending the workshop in Rotterdam, we kindly ask you to also register for the OASC Conference in Eventbrite. The Zoom link for online attendees will be sent later. 

We are excited to meet you in Rotterdam on the 17th to contribute to this transformative journey, shaping smarter and more connected communities across Europe. For any queries or additional information, reach out to Pauline van der Geld (

About the Project:

LDT Lot 1: Local Digital Twins Toolbox Procurement – Pioneering Smart Community Transformation: "Increasing Awareness and Readiness of EU Communities"

This project, detailed in the Digital Europe Work Programme 2021-2022, falls under the European Commission's Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content, and Technology (DG CNECT). Its primary objective is to elevate awareness and readiness across EU communities in every Member state.


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