Data Space for Smart Communities Online Info Session

29 Nov 2023

The Data Space for Smart Communities Online Info Session took place on the 15th of November 2023, in collaboration with the Living-in.EU movement and Gaia X. The session provided a deep dive into available tools and the planned activities to deploy the European Data Space for Smart Communities. Together with over 100 participants we learned about the data cooperation canvas, the data space blueprint and the action plan to realise the data spaces. Presentations and recordings are now available here for those who missed it.



DS4SSCC DEP - Context & Purpose

DS4SSCC - Data Spaces in Europe

DS4SSCC Results - Data Cooperation Canvas

DS4SSCC Results - Governance Model

DS4SCC - Technical Blueprint

DS4SSCC Results - Maturity & Actions

DS4SSCC Results_Expression of Interests

DS4SSCC Dep - OpenCall, Support, Impact, Comms


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