Smart Development: Unleashing Skills for Future-Ready Cities & Communities

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20 Sep 2023

In an era of rapid urbanisation and technological progress, smart cities and communities are emerging as hubs for innovation and technology-enabled efficiency, where digital solutions benefit its inhabitants and businesses. However, the success of such transformation depends not only on cutting-edge technologies but also on the engagement and empowerment of relevant stakeholders through a blend of technical, green and soft skills.

This workshop aims to present latest findings on the pivotal skills needed to enhance the development of European smart cities and communities, by harmonising and interlinking outputs from different initiatives at EU level.

The breakout sessions will then provide a collaborative room to exchange each other’s practices and experiences on provision of training in the smart cities and smart community’s domains. The scope of the breakout sessions is also to form and cultivate new partnerships among stakeholders involved in shaping the future of smart cities and smart communities at local level.



Welcome and introduction to the workshop

Alessandra Zini, European DIGITAL SME Alliance


The Living-in EU initiative: presentation of current activities and launch of LORDIMAS assessment tool

Marek Bobis, Policy Officer at European Committee of the Regions


The SMACITE project: new curricula for smart cities technicians and operators

Maria Rigkou, Vasileios Gkamas, University of Patras

What are the technical and non-technical skills of the future smart city expert? 

Dr. Luis Fernández-Sanz, University of Alcalá


Explanation of the breakout sessions – Scroll down for the details


Project workshop to enhance cooperation and partnership at European and local level – Scroll down for the details of the breakout sessions


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