M&M Working Group meeting #1 - Information session on EU initiatives related to monitoring and measuring digital transformation

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Online event |
31 May 2024
Organiser:Go Li.EU

The Monitoring and Measuring Working Group of Living-in.EU is organising its first meeting in 2024 on Friday 31 May 2024, from 11:00 to 13:00 (CEST). This event will be held online only and will be open to all interested participants.  

The meeting will tackle the existing initiatives and projects implemented at European, regional and local levels to measure and monitor digital transformation. Organised as a comprehensive information session, it aims at:  

  • Exploring the wider landscape of tools used to monitor and report and digital maturity at local and regional level.
  • Sharing good practices and learning on existing tools created and implemented by local and regional authorities. 
  • Understanding the synergies between the different instruments and initiatives to ensure that local and regional authroties' needs are taking into account at EU level.

A first roundtable will be organised with different representatives to present the Digital Decade (European Commission), the Digital Maturity Assessment for Digital Innovation Hubs (JRC), regional indicators (Eurostat), as well as different projects from ESPON.  
Moreover, a second roundtable will give opportunities to local and regional authorities to present their own monitoring solutions and tools to other participants and European institutions representatives (more information below).  

You will find the draft agenda here.  

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact rodolphe.doite@errin.eu 


Regional and local use-cases selection process 

For this meeting, we will be looking for regional and local initiatives used to monitor and collect data regarding to digital maturity and levels of digital transformation. Those examples can be platform, projects, strategies, etc used by public authorities. We incite all interested participants to send a short description of the proposed example, answering to the following questions: 

  1. What are the main objectives of your initiatives?   

  1. What stakeholders did you involve in its design, creation and implementation?   

  1. What can other local and regional authorities learn from your experience?   

  All examples received will be reviewed by the Monitoring and Measuring co-chairs and selected examples will be contacted. The presentation would be online and should not last more than 8 minutes, to allow discussions and exchanges with other participants. 

Please send your proposed example to rodolphe.doite@errin.eu by Friday 10 May 2024.  

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