Empowering youth and strengthening digitalisation for territorial cohesion

Empowering youth and strengthening digitalisation for territorial cohesion

This workshop will highlight different regional best practices to showcase, from multiple angles, how regions can support youth empowerment by using cohesion and other types of funding at the core of the digital and green transitions. Examples will include public transport in rural areas, effective distance learning, strategies tackling depopulation, education mobility programmes and much more, reflecting on the European Year of Youth in multiple regional policy areas.


Anne Besnier, Regional VP for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, CoR member from the Region Centre-Val de Loire

Susana Galván, Executive Director Taith-Wales

Adam Struzik, Marshal, CoR member from the Mazovia Region

Daría Terrádez, Director general for EU affairs and relations with the state, Region of Valencia

Karin Fehringer, Programme Manager Youth Policy and Programmes, European Commission-DG EAC

Video Testimonials:

Arne Ehritt, Policy Officer, Ministry for Infrastructure and Digitial of Saxony-Anhalt


Use the following link to register: Empowering youth and strengthening digitalisation for territorial cohesion ONLINE - 11WS22204 (swapcard.com)


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