Data-driven cities: digital technologies for inclusive and sustainable decision-making processes

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Digital technology can facilitate participatory urban planning by empowering citizens and turning them from passive recipients of policy to active agents of city change. With the support of the community, the European Commission and the Committee of Regions, as well as innovative tools and practices from the URBANAGE and URBANITE projects, citizens, urban planners and policy-makers can build smarter cities that are healthier, happier, and which meet future demands for all.

The New European Bauhaus initiative calls on us all to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls. This workshop presents good practices for designing cities through participatory urban planning and demonstrates how new technologies, such as Digital Twins, AI and simulation, can be leveraged to disrupt the urban planning status quo to create sustainable urban experiences that benefit all. 


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Empowering youth and strengthening digitalisation for territorial cohesion

This workshop will highlight different regional best practices to showcase, from multiple angles, how regions can support youth empowerment by using cohesion and other types of funding at the core of the digital and green transitions.

Go local, think global – digital tools for citizens

How can digital tools make citizens' lives better? Be it in the field of digital communications, public services, or AI technologies? This session will explore case studies of employment of digital tools by European cities and regions.

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Realising the potential of digital health transformation in Europe

By taking stock of the current state of play, focusing on key initiatives, exploring current experiences and challenges, the CoR, the Commission and EUREGHA are joining forces to discuss how the digital health transformation can nurture quality and efficiency of health and care provision, empower citizens and boost resilience and sustainability and what is truly needed to achieve it across Euro

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