Community-led Local Development and Smart Villages as Innovative Tools for Effective Development of the Rural Areas

Event Lednice

The seminar in Lednice will bring together representatives of the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission, as well as of local development projects funded and supported by EU programmes. Together, they will celebrate the launch of the Czech Rural Pact as well as take a closer look at rural development and remedying disparities between European regions through financial and practical instruments. They will additionally delve into the question rural development and how innovation and knowledge exchange can give the appropriate tools to local communities to contribute to a better quality of life in across the EU's rural areas.

We encourage the stakeholders interested to attend the seminar to register on the following link:

Zámek 2
691 44 Lednice


Other events

| Webinar

Living-in.EU Open Supporters Meeting

All supporters and stakeholders are welcome to the next Living-in.EU Open Supporters' meeting, with presentations of cases already unfolding the foundations of a CitiVerse based on the Living-in.EU movement. We will provide supporters with an understanding of the needs and requirements of signatories and how they can contribute to the development of CitiVerse.

Roundtables on Procurement Clauses of AI

Peer review exercise on common AI procurement clauses for local authorities


| Brussels

OASC: General Assembly — Brussels, 14 June 2023

We are pleased to announce that OASC’s general assembly meeting will take place on Wednesday 14 June 2023 in Brussels, alongside the Brussels Urban Summit.

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