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Part of the Artificial Intelligence for the Public Sector JRC and DIGIT science for policy conference

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Cities and regions increasingly represent testbeds for technological innovation and are adopting AI and digital solutions in an agile, efficient and citizen-centred manner. The development of European smart cities and regions of the future calls not just for an innovative usage of emerging technologies such as AI, but also for new, effective and inclusive forms of collaboration across stakeholders and across borders. 

This session, on top of raising awareness about AI applications based on the concrete needs of local public administrations, citizens and communities, aims to stimulate knowledge sharing and encourage collaboration across borders. Speakers will engage to  identify best practices for bringing AI closer to citizens and identify conditions and activities to promote European values, ethics and trustworthiness in local and municipal applications of AI, emphasising citizen participation and inclusive governance models

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Debate on local and regional authorities fit for the digital age

Since COVID-19 hit the world as a global pandemic, the importance of connectivity has become more obvious. Europe needs to be better prepared, do more stress tests on the infrastructure and increase infrastructure and connections between the Member States. Strategies have to be set to establish how critical entities can prevent, resist and recover from disruptions.

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Mayors' Digital Assembly 2023

  The first Mayors’ Digital Assembly of the Living-in.EU movement will be organised on 13 June afternoon, in the framework of the the biggest event for cities this year - the Brussels Urban Summit (BUS) taking place from 12 to 15 June 2023. More information about the BUS can be found here: 

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