Living-in.EU tools

The tools of Living-in.EU are concrete, ready-to-use, and valuable resources that provide practical support to cities and communities. They encompass a wide range of elements, including tools, technologies, methodologies, frameworks, guidelines, standards, and best practices. These tools are designed to address various challenges and opportunities related to digital transformation and the mission of Living-in.EU. 

The current list of tools includes:

  • LORDIMAS: an interactive tool aiming at helping local and regional authorities to understand where they are in their digital transformation journey.
  • Minimum Interoperable Mechanisms (MIMs): these mechanisms define the themes and their respective technical specifications that cities and communities should adopt to achieve a minimal but sufficient interoperability.
  • AI Procurement Clauses: these are contractual terms for responsible and secure AI system procurement by public authorities. They ensure transparency, accountability, and trust in AI deployment. 
  • UserCentriCities dashboard: a platform for local authorities to help them assess and compare their performance with their peers, and to launch a European community of decision-makers that share experience, knowledge and lessons learnt about how to implement user-centricity.

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