Transparency of Sustainable Investments, through verified data and governance

Our aim is to create of a world class multi-assets exchange based in Europe aimed at financing companies on their green, sustainable, social, and governance journey to make their financial returns yield an impact. Assets and their owners will undergo a certification and lifecycle tracking process using blockchain technology to improve the investors’ trust in the quality of the assets and their ESG credentials. Although the impetus towards embedding the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in asset management and the broader financial services is undeniable, we put forward that a quagmire of standards, competing interests between preserving the rights to pollute and funding the paths to decarbonisation are not making the investment journey any easier. More than ever, end investors, have to trust the data published by the issuer or their financial intermediary that invests on their behalf in ESG assets, to do the right things and do things right without any real insights or common standards that may help them with their investment decision.


The solution explained

The key success factors are the accessibility and transparency of ESG finance through strong governance. Investments should not be simply viewed as financial but the sum of Finance + Governance + Environmental + Social impact.

The automation of the product lifecycle brings efficiency, and transparency by using blockchain.

We make the cost of capital lower for ESG instruments and ensure that the innovation of sustainable and impact investments can leverage the blockchain technology.


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European cities are working to make life easier for their residents and Europeans more broadly.

6 members
2 countries
6 cities
European value

The beating heart of the urban digital transformation

26 members
10 countries
25 cities
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I can, I enable
100.000 citizens

This group aims to build a community of like-minded cities, working on local digital twins.

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contribute on a voluntary basis to a joint investment plan to adopt and implement common existing digital solutions on a large scale in the EU;
optimise synergies between EU, national, regional and local funds;
strengthen investment in local digital transformation from EU funds and programmes, to ensure an inclusive and sustainable Europe;
use common public procurement practices to jointly define specifications and reduce the cost of investing in successful digital platforms and related technologies.

The technical group of works together to develop a common list of standards and technical specifications to achieve interoperability of data, systems, and platforms among cities and communities and suppliers around the world to enable solutions such open urban platforms and digital twins.

Remove obstacles to the digitization of already existing public intersectoral and cross-border services in the Union

Enable brand new, original public intersectoral and cross-border services, which respond to new needs

Valorise the best practices, facilitating their adoption in another EU countries with ease and incentives

Empowering public authorities to innovate via education and capacity building, is crucial in the concept of Living-in.EU. We equip public officers with the skills and methodologies necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

This group helps develop and implement a framework, built on existing methodologies, to measure and monitor the benefits for citizens, public authorities, businesses and other stakeholders at local level.

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ESG Innovation through smart contracts

The phenomena of Green Washing is a troubling trend and is driven by the need for funds to provide ESG investments which in turn encourages "creative" reporting of sustainable benchmarks.