Light Touch

Huna's Light Touch is the smart city platform for the management of smart lighting, smart buildings and for the monitoring of air quality. 
We help ESCos and utilities to outstandingly level up the energy efficiency of street lighting and buildings, and to monitor urban air quality through highly improved data collection. We provide city managers with data they need for more sustainable and richer environments driven by wiser policies
Born in 2019, we serve more than 15 ESCos plus one of the largest utilities worldwide. We also serve public agencies,public transport companies,airports,shopping centers and malls.


The solution explained

Light Touch is the IoT platform that integrates, in one system, multiple tools for the complete management of street lighting, buildings, both residential and commercial and further smart city services. Light Touch connects various IoT devices and sensors making street lighting, buildings and urban areas smarter and more sustainable.
We digitize every operation related to such infrastructures, allowing Esco and utilities to save energy up to 50%, reduce operating costs by 75% and on-site maintenance by 70%, becoming more competitive and more profitable. We impact on the environment as we outstandingly reduce CO2 emissions.

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contribute on a voluntary basis to a joint investment plan to adopt and implement common existing digital solutions on a large scale in the EU;
optimise synergies between EU, national, regional and local funds;
strengthen investment in local digital transformation from EU funds and programmes, to ensure an inclusive and sustainable Europe;
use common public procurement practices to jointly define specifications and reduce the cost of investing in successful digital platforms and related technologies.

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