Event Postponed - Commissioner Breton to meet with EU Mayors

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POSTPONED: Smart, Green and Resilient cities and communities - Commissioner Thierry Breton meets EU mayors

We were all looking forward to next week’s event. However, we must regretfully announce that Commissioner Thierry Breton has been called to other pressing business and he will have to postpone the meeting with mayors on Thursday, 30 September.

Commissioner Breton is still very committed to meeting with EU Mayors to discuss the twin green and digital transition at local level, and he would like to do this in person. We will therefore look for a new suitable date, and we will come back to you once this is arranged.

In the meantime, the CNECT/GROW teams would like to thank all of you for your support to and work for both the Living-in.EU movement and the Intelligent Cities Challenge.

Let’s continue our great cooperation on the green and digital transition of cities and communities

Commissioner Thierry Breton will engage in a dialogue with EU Mayors from the Living-in.EU movement and the Intelligent Cities Challenge on the green and digital transformation and socio-economic resilience of cities and communities.   

The dialogue will be organised around two panels of EU Mayors with the Commissioner on the cities’ priorities, challenges and expectations in relation to the transition pathway of their city or community towards a sustainable future. 

The first interactive panel will focus on planning and implementing the green and digital transformation of the local economy and society, the role of innovation and technology, local green deals and the issue of up and reskilling of the local workforce. The second interactive panel will focus on the power of technology, data governance in cities, local digital twins for cities and communities to enable their digital transformation.  




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