B2G data sharing in cities: series of 5 workshops (1st workshop on 05/05/2021)

On the initiative of Amsterdam and Florence, both signatories of the Living.in-eu movement, and supported by Eurocities and the European Commission, a series of workshops is being organised to reflect on opportunities for upscaling B2G data sharing practices in cities and regions across Europe.


We wish to invite city experts and programme managers experienced with B2G data sharing and setting up data partnerships to join. More information and registration: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/events/b2g-data-sharing-cities-series-5-workshops


The 1st workshop - Get started with B2G Data Sharing, will take place on 05/05/2021, 10:00-11:30 CET

  • Welcome and introduction by moderator – Federica Bordelot, policy advisor, Eurocities 
  • B2G data sharing strategy and process: 
    • EU data regulations & Data spaces – Johan Bodenkamp (DG CONNECT, Unit G1, Data Policy and Innovation) 
    • Modalities of access to private sector data (JRC research) – Marina Micheli, Joint Research Centre, Unit B6, Digital Economy 
  • Basics and principles for B2G data sharing – Ron van der Lans, City of Amsterdam 
  • B2G data sharing: from planning to action, Alessandra Barbieri and Chiara Lorenzini, City of Florence 
  • Q&A 
  • Conclusion and next steps


We are also looking for cities to share their experiences, including their challenges, on what did and did not work well. If you are interested in contributing to the mapping of relevant use cases and sharing your experience with B2G data sharing, please contact Roel Raterink, City of Amsterdam at: r.raterink@amsterdam.nl


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